A totem or monolith sign is an attractive and effective way-finding solution. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our totems and monoliths are a great way to draw attention to your business and to help your visitors get to where they want to go.

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So near and yet so far…

You know how it feels; you’ve found the industrial estate or campus where your client is located but you’ve been driving around for ages trying to find exactly where you need to go. It’s so frustrating.

You know it’s here somewhere – in fact you’re probably right beside it. If only there were a sign to tell you!

Monoliths / Totems for business parks, retail parks, shopping centres, industrial estates, educational and corporate campuses.

Don’t have that happen to your customers. 


Totem Sign Sample

Sheehy Motor Group

Totem Sign Sample

Business Park

Totem Sign Sample

Bam contractors

Shlotter Totem Sign


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